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General & Laproscopic Surgery
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  1. All types of acute Abdomen: -eg AC Appendicitis, perforation of peptic ulcer, intestinal obstruction, volvulus of small/large gut.
  2. All types of Hernias: -inguinal, epigastric, femoral, umbilical, diaphragmatic, lumber and rare type.
  3. Gall Bladder Diseases: Gall stones for laparoscopic or open gall bladder (Choleccystitis,cholelithiasis) removal.
  4. Hydrocoel /Varicocoele cases.
  5. Rectal cases: -Fissure in ANO,Fistula in ANO, Piles(Haemorrhoids).
  6. Any Lump/Bump anywhere in body (top to toe) including Axilla & Groin Diabetic Foot/Ulcer/Gangrene in Toes/leg
  7. Salivary glands –Swelling/diseases.
  8. Neck swelling eg. Dermoid,Cystic Hygroma,any other swelling e.g. branchial cysts.
  9. Any infected lesion in Buttock/any other Lump or Swelling Scrotum,Perineum & /or Groin.
    1. Single lower Limb swelling /Infection
    2. Boil/Absceess any where in body,also Psoas Abscess,Liver Abscess.
    3. Corn/Wart anywhere in body
    4. Nail infections
    5. Fistula/Sinus neck
    6. Pilonidal Sinus
    7. Enlarged spleen /Infected Spleen
    8. Mesenteric Cysts,Omental Cyst,
    9. Achalasia,Cardia,Hiatus/hernis
    10. Rectal polyp
    11. Mass of hair in stomach also phytobazoar
    12. All type of cysts-eg Sebaceous cysts
    13. Prolapsed rectum’
  • Dr. Zahid Saif
    M.B.B.S (KGMC), M.S. (MLNMC), F.L.C.S, F.A.I.S, F.A.I.G.E.S
    General and Laparoscopic Surgeon.
    Member of Indian Medical Association and A.M.A.S.I., Member LNHA.
    Experience of about 10 year in the field of Gen. & Laproscopic Surgery with special interest in minimal access surgeries.
  • Dr. Fatima Sheeba
    M.B.B.S (MLNMC), M.S. (BRDMC)
    Obstetrician & Gynaecologist.
    Member FOGSI, Member LOGS, Member IFS, Member IMA, Member LNHA.
    Experience of about 8 years in the field of Obs. & Gynae.; with special interest in endoscopic surgeries, infertility and high risk pregnancies.
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